Spokane Horse Barns

Every horse owner wants the very best for their horses. That’s why it is so important to find a Spokane Horse Barn Builder you can trust. For many years, Kaiser has built a reputation for Integrity, quality and value that is as solid as our construction. From the simplest horse barn to grand stables and arenas, there is a reason that Stimson Contracting barns are coveted world over and carry the marks of craftsmanship and unique, stunning features that you and your horses will love for years to come. At Stimson Contracting, we don’t expect customers to compromise or make sacrifices. We build fine quality Spokane horse barns, stables, and stalls that will not only last a lifetime, but are carefully designed and constructed to meet your individual needs.

Not all Spokane horse barn builders are alike. If you are looking to build of a custom horse barn, you will want to do your research to ensure you are receiving quality construction and reputable services. We know how much your barn means to you. This is the place you’ve been dreaming of and working for a place where you can keep your horses safe and oversee their care.

Even if it’s your place of business, it’s still the place you most want to be. It’s where you’ll go to recharge, to find comfort, to work toward your goals, and it’s where you’ll make your most lasting memories.

If you’re looking for professional horse barn builders with years of experience behind them, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning to build a professional facility or a private retreat, Stimson Contracting is here to guide you from the earliest stages of planning to the day you move your horses in.

Spokane Horse Barns

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Spokane Horse Barns

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