Winnipeg Casement Windows

Winnipeg Casement Windows

Whether you’re looking for new casement windows, new Winnipeg casement windows installation, or both, JEH Windows & Doors is your go-to source. JEH Windows & Doors is widely trusted throughout Winnipeg because we’ve been in business for years, providing top-notch home improvement products and services. If you’re looking for the best combination of price and quality, then you’re in the right place now.

JEH Windows & Doors invites you to check out our casement windows on our website as well as all of our other windows. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. JEH Windows & Doors is home to Winnipeg’s best customer care program. We provide stellar pre-purchase, during-purchase, and post-purchase services.

What You Need to Know About Casement Windows

The first thing you will notice about casement windows is that they are beautiful. The casement window is comprised of one sash and a nested handle that rotates and pushes the sash outwards, away from your home. The exterior of the window is made of very durable fiberglass. On the interior, you have a window that is made of real wood – pine to be exact. This is to make sure that any view from the inside of your home is full of warmth, character, and dimension. The goal with casement windows is that they will ultimately become part of your home decor.

Why Casement Windows Work So Well

Fiberglass is one of the ideal building materials for windows. It’s very strong, incredibly durable, and it stands up to the hot and cold temperatures that it is exposed to on a yearly basis in Winnipeg. All of the casement windows offered by JEH Windows & Doors are incredibly thermally efficient windows. Of course, we are talking about mainly two things when we talk about thermal efficiency:

  1. The fiberglass on the exterior
  2. The glass within the sash

Fiberglass naturally has very low conductivity. This means that hot and cold air does not pass through fiberglass and into the home. Secondly, the glass packages all come standard with two panes of glass. Within those two panes is argon gas. This helps with convection, which is the movement of air inside the home.

Simple Technology That Really Works

Again, you have a low-conductive material in the fiberglass and argon gas between the window panes, both of which enable the home’s occupants to be much more comfortable day in and day out. To round out the offer of the casement window, JEH Windows & Doors has an attractive nested handle, stainless steel hardware that is rust-resistant, and a locking system that is very simple for the homeowner or home occupants. One lock latches the entire window from top to bottom.

Contact JEH Windows & Doors

If you require any assistance in choosing your windows, give us a call or send us an email. We’re glad to help. We offer the best Winnipeg casement windows around, and we can install them for you too.


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