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Pietra Cardosa

Pietra Cardosa

Consider Pietra Cardosa for your counters.  Pietra Cardosa could give your home a very modern appearance because of its simplistic appearance.  Its appearance is that of a dark slate color, with a consistent layout. 

If you want a countertop that will draw your eyes in and won’t have grooves throughout its lay, you may like Pietra Cardosa.  The smooth appearance is beautiful, and smooth texture can often be what is desired of a countertop surface.

With Pietra Cardosa, you will have a surface that looks modern, has a smooth texture and appearance.  This combination of quality would form an ideal surface for your kitchen living space.  When using your kitchen, you might indulge in your ability to knead the dough, without interruption easily.

About Pietra Cardosa

Pietra Cardosa is a stone which is mined in Italy and has a slate appearance.  There is a stone, with the same name but dissimilar, quarried in New England.  Pietra Cardosa is a stone which is, also, resistant to most stains.  This makes this countertop appealing, we’re sure!


What color could work with Pietra Cardosa? 

Because the color of Pietra Cardosa is such a primarily dark color, you could find yourself pairing it with a range of colors.

Let’s give an overview of your endless possibilities!

You could pair this color with yellow.  The yellow would look very lovely with Pietra Cardosa because of its bright contrast with the darker tones of Pietra Cardosa’s slate appearance.  The yellow could be accented with flowers and paired with white curtains, for a bright, but, underscored look.

Red would go well with Pietra Cardosa because of its warm contrast to Pietra Cardosa’s muted results.  The red would be highlighted with roses and more earthy accessories. 

Green would even pair well with Pietra Cardosa because of its natural vibrancy, in comparison to Pietra Cardosa’s stone look.  You would be taken in by the natural aura that you leave your kitchen with.

Most times, when we are cooking in our kitchen, we want our kitchen to make us feel welcome.

Allow the many possibilities, which Pietra Cardosa, could provide your kitchen because of its capability of adding a polished addition to most colors.

We, at Paramount Store, would be happy to help you decide if you would like to use Pietra Cardosa for your kitchen countertops.

About Paramount Stone

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Pietra Cardosa Pietra Cardosa Pietra Cardosa