Home Elevation Contractor Slidell

Home Elevation Contractor Slidell

Home elevation can only be a couple of feet high or high enough to give you the option of a basement or drive-under garage. Expert shoring contractors use special beams to carry the weight and create extra room under your house. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, our qualified home elevation contractor in Slidell will ensure your house is never at risk of flooding. We use top-of-the-line techniques to raise your home, and we're considered a leading construction and shoring company for superior services.

We lift homes and buildings successfully, so you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and in the shortest time possible. You can be certain that your needs and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

Home Elevation Tips

Here’s are some top tips for the best home elevation ideas:

Keep An Open Mind

You most likely know what you'd like when it comes to home elevation. However, it's advisable to stay open-minded to other concepts. You might be blown away by a completely different design than what you initially wanted. There's a range of designs you can find just by driving around a good neighborhood or on the internet, particularly on Pinterest. Your contractor's portfolio can also prove invaluable. And the best part is, you can put your own spin on the ideas you love to make the design truly customized.

Compare Building Materials

A sketch may not always give you the actual look and feel of building materials. So try as much as possible to see the materials you’ve chosen for your elevation in real life. That way, you’ll be able to tell if those are the materials you really want. But if you can’t, photos and videos can still give you a visual idea of how the materials will look in your home.

Prioritize Functionality

While your home should look amazing, functionality is equally important. For instance, if you have senior loved ones who visit often, you can have a home elevation with fewer steps or include a ramp on the side. That way, they'll have an easier time getting into your home.

Have A Budget

There are countless elevation designs that come at different prices. You can work best with a budget – therefore, have one. That way, your contractor will show you the various designs within your price range. Remember, the type of materials used, more balconies, a bigger porch, and getting more windows will increase the final amount.

Consider The Landscaping

The exterior of your home should blend seamlessly with the rest of the landscape. Think about the kind of landscaping that appeals most to you. If you have a furry friend and kids, you want a green lawn where they can play and run around. This can be achieved with various elevation designs.

Efficient, Fast Home Elevation Services

At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, our professional home elevation contractor in Slidell provides expert home elevation services. Our shoring contractors have extensive experience in the field and can deliver reliable, long-term, and beautiful home raising solutions. Call us to get a quote: 504-241-4500.

Home Elevation Contractor Slidell
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Home Elevation Contractor Slidell
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Home Elevation Contractor Slidell Home Elevation Contractor Slidell Home Elevation Contractor Slidell